What exactly is redirect domain? Read this article and discover all information you need to know about domain redirection!

About Domain Redirection – Redirect Domain Explained

When you register a domain name with a specific domain name registrar, the control panel for that domain hosting account offers various features that are free to use and which are part of the service. One of these features is the option for domain redirection.

What exactly is domain redirection?

When you first register a certain domain with the domain name registrar, the registrar should set up the DNS entry for that specific domain and point to them. In other words, this means that if an online user types www.example.com then this domain is set up and prepared to point to their service. However, in order to point that domain to the web host service provider or to the company server, the nameserver should be edited or the DNS settings for that specific domain name through the control panel.

Let’s suppose that you cannot afford a hosting service provider on your own DNS and you still want your domain to redirect or to point to a certain web page you have built. Maybe you are a small company and your website is http://smallcompany.com  because you got free web space and this is all you can afford at this time. You can still buy a domain for less than $10 per year and use the option for domain redirection to a free web page so you can promote your company’s website there.

All you need to do is to register the name www.greatcomapny.com and when your account or redirected or set up you can add the domain control panel. You need to go the nameserver settings and select the option Redirect with Frames or Redirect without Frames. The control panel will enable you to enter the URL of the website you want your new domain to be redirected to.

The difference between Redirect with Frames or Redirect without Frames is that redirecting with frames places the end website within a frame that hides the actual location of the URL while redirecting without frames just redirects you to the domain name. If you need to see how a domain redirection without frames looks like, go to http://www.websitepundit.com and you will analyze how you are redirected to the website.

We hope that you now understand the meaning of domain registration.

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